The Shield

  • Born into a family of moderate means, Thomas Locke seemed to be fairly normal early in his childhood. But by his 8th birthday, his parents knew that there was something different about their boy. He acted, in their words, as if he “had aged beyond his years”, and as time went on this began to manifest itself physically as well.

Being something of a child prodigy, his talents with computers (and technology in general) were taken for granted by most, but as his skills developed more and more he began to realize that it wasn’t just intellect that allowed him to build one of the largest tech companies in the world, Cygen, from the ground with his own inventions. He could communicate with his work… it was almost as if it was a part of him.

Since his realization, Locke has been honing his newfound abilities constantly. It’s also led him to build a suit that he can interface with directly, in hopes of using his powers for the best. Although no one is aware of this ongoing project, there are many who have begun to wonder at the reasons behind Locke’s alarming, increasingly aged appearance in recent months… and whether it has anything to do with his equally increased absence from the public scene.

  • Powers: Inventions, Battlesuit, Enhanced Intelligence

[Document: Metahuman Identification– Dr. Inara Singh: Restricted Access]

The Shield

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