The Iron Centurion

  • Born on July 23, 1980, in Century City, Markus Cryst was the only child of a local police chief. Markus’s mother left when he was one, and he was raised as an only child by a father who never really came home. Mark moved to California when he was eighteen and enrolled in USC and eventually went to law school. He cut off all contact with his family, and has a sort of girlfriend, Megyn, who also doubles as his secretary.

While in USC, Markus was approached by a employee of a medical research and development company, Davidson Medical Group. Markus had been identified with a rare genetic marker that held potential for various cures, human genome enhancements and potential long life DNA triggers. Markus was offered an experimental serum that had the potential to enhance his abilities and life span. Seeing the potential Markus joined the study and allowed the company to inject him with the serum. Unfortunately the serum had the side effect of stopping Markus’s heart for two days. Kept in stasis by DMG for two days, Markus awoke and found that he had not awakened any latent abilities other then a increased toughness. However, DMG felt that Markus had potential and proceeded to outfit him with a recently developed experimental device called the GenShield. The GenShield granted Markus superhuman abilities linked to his inherent genetic pattern, thus only usable by him. Markus returned as the Iron Centurion, a superhero who dedicated himself to defending the people of his city.

After several years of successful heroics, Markus was rewarded by DHM with Skyhold, a state of the art floating “skyscraper”. Basing his operations from Skyhold, Markus was able to aid the citizens of Century City and provide a safe refuge for Superhumans of all sorts.

Currently, Markus made waves by becoming one of the first “public heroes” by disclosing his identity to the public.

  • Powers: Toughness, GenShield unlocks flight and other abilities, Tactical Awareness and mastery.

[Document: Metahuman Identification– Dr. Inara Singh: Restricted Access]

The Iron Centurion

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