• A young boy was born in a small village in the foothills of Mount Fuji in AD 1312. He was unremarkable in most ways. He was the third son of a family of farmers and could expect very little from his life beyond the poverty any japanese peasant might. That all changed when, as a boy of 8, a traveling mystic revealed that the fate of all Japan lay in the boy’s hands, and he must be taught the ways of bushido.
    He was taken in by the local samurai lord, who had been raised to trust such oracles. He was taught all the ways of the samurai, from spear-fighting to ken-jutsu to archery. By the age of 14 he was a proficient fighter.

It was at this time that word came from the nearby smithy: Masamune Okazaki and his student Sengo Muramasa had both completed forging masterful katanas, and the testing of the blades was to be held at a stream at the foot of Mount Fuji. The young boy’s master was invited to observe.

The day of the testing arrived, and while the story has been chronicled in greater depth elsewhere, suffice to say that while Muramasa’s blade, named 10,000 Winters, cut through everything, Masamune’s katana, named Tender Hands, cut nothing, but rather passed through without harm.

Muramasa laughed Masamune to scorn for having made a sword that would cut nothing, and knelt before the samurai lord, 10,000 Winters offered before him as a gift fit for any master. But the samurai lord was far wiser than Muramasa, for he saw the blade’s bloodthirstiness, and knew it to be an evil thing that would require murder and havoc of any hand that held it, and so he walked past Muramasa, and bowed before Masamune, acknowledging the mastery of a sword that would not cut any thing save it were needful to be cut.

In a fit of rage, Muramasa drew 10,000 Winters from its sheath and screamed as he ran the samurai through, burying the katana up to its hilt before ripping it out and striking his teacher’s head off.

The young boy shakingly drew his sword and stood before the darkening figure of Sengo Muramasa. He was a better kengo than Muramasa, but Muramasa’s sword dripped red with blood and hungered for more. The lad was beaten back until he tripped over the fallen body of his master, and his sword was shattered. All seemed lost until a glimmer of white caught his eye. He reached out for the hilt of Tender Hands. The sword hummed in his hands and felt as light as a feather as he drew it from its sheath. Warmth filled his entire body, and in a smooth motion he lept to his feet, twisting around 10,000 Winters’ brutal cuts. Smooth motion met brutal strength, and with each breath, the boy understood more and more of the world around him. Each mote of light stood out in perfect clarity to his sight, each gurgle of the stream. The smell of blood and rage came from Muramasa, and he knew the man must be stopped and his evil blade destroyed. Tender Hands whirred in his hands, and in a moment of perfect thought and perfect motion, the young boy struck true. For a moment, there was silence, and then a whimper came from Muramasa before his body split in two and 10,000 Winters shattered.

Tender Hands whispered in the young boy’s heart, “You have done well, my son.”

Musashi was born.

  • Powers: Immortality, Regeneration, Martial Arts mastery, Relic Blade: Tender Hands

[Document: Metahuman Identification– Dr. Inara Singh: Restricted Access]


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