Davidson Medical Group

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Davidson Medical Group (DMG) is a leading integrated healthcare company providing solutions to hospitals, health plans, physicians, and other health providers to provide cost-effective, quality healthcare. We work with providers and hospitals to coordinate care with local primary care physicians to reduce preventable hospital admissions and re-admissions, best in class patient centric care, and avoidable emergency room visits.

Our Integrated Care Solutions work to identify and manage patients who are at-risk for chronic conditions. Since 2001, we have proven that we are able to coordinate care across multiple facilities to reduce the overall cost of managing these patients at home and in alternative settings. DMG also offers inpatient solutions through the management and delivery of hospital medicine and care.

Currently, our customers and integrated care network consists of more than 1,000 physicians and more than 50 hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. We also manage and operate four primary care clinics that are on the front-line of preventive and transitional care.

DMG is also known for it’s research divisions, leading the foray into cutting edge medical technology, new medicines, and new processes to better improve the quality of life, of all around us.

Davidson Medical Group

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