• Designation: Darkside [Real Name: Issac Carter ]
  • Designation: Argent
  • Designation: Active
  • Affiliation: None
  • Threat Rating: Alpha
  • Born in 1970 to Susan and Jack Carver, Isaac grew up under the shadow of Warsaw Hegemony in an alternate dimension. An orphan at 13, Isaac nonetheless excelled in his studies, eventually earning the honor of being the first American man to orbit the moon, despite intense Slavic and Tatar opposition. His inclusion was meant to solidify the former USA’s inclusion under the new Hegemony.

Apollo 13 was a disaster for both the Fuhrer and for Stalinate, but it was not an accident. Isaac, with the help of covert operatives, managed to sabotage the mission. Intending to crash the shuttle into the moon, Isaac was instead incapacitated the moment that the Lunar Module began it’s trip round the dark side of the moon.

Seemingly in a coma to the other cosmonauts, Isaac awoke three hours later fundamentally changed.

Apollo 13 never regained radio contact.

  • Powers: Corrosive Blasts, Teleportation, Precognition, Dimensional Travel

[Document: Metahuman Identification– Dr. Inara Singh: Restricted Access]


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