• Designation: Barata [Real Name: William Ackerman]
  • Designation: Argent
  • Designation: Active
  • Affiliation: None
  • Threat Rating: Alpha
  • The unusual tale of William Ackerman began at his birth, incidentally the same day of his mother’s death. The intense weight of the infant put so much strain on Mrs. Ackerman, the birthing process was just too much for her poor body. Despite being 4 months premature and not making a single sound, the baby boy was completely healthy. The boy’s poor communication skills and immense size, made schooling difficult, but when railroads began to be built and The Civil War arose, men of William’s stature were in high demand, no matter how uneducated. It was during this civil war that William discovered his bodies intense resilience and seemingly boundless strength.

War showed William the horrors and the cruelty of men, he saw acts so unspeakable that they haunt him to this very day. William took it upon himself do to whatever was in his power to stop these kinds of men and protect all that he could.

When masked heroes and others like himself began to arise, William stood to join them. Adorning many titles and masks, he fight many battles alongside many great superheroes and friends. Now in this day, he calls himself Barata. Armed with his magic helmet and robust shield (both gifts of former allies), he fights evil in its many forms.

  • Powers: Exceptional Resilience, does not age, regeneration

[Document: Metahuman Identification– Dr. Inara Singh: Restricted Access]


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