World History

Dimension designate: Earth Alpha (Earth A)

Status: Active
Population: 6,215,487,571
Aggression: 4 wars in Progress
Number of Countries: 195 [Some national recognition in dispute]

Designated Earth Alpha One, this Dimension is the “base model” for the classification of all other dimensions. Most of the Earth’s history matches that of Earth Omega (the only other known Earth), except for the so-titled Superhuman Emergence. A little after the turn of the 21st century, there was an noted emergence of what were titled Metahumans

These metahumans exhibited what could only be titled powers. Advanced healing, super-strength, and more, these were the next advancement in human evolution. Currently, metahumans are classed into two categories: Argent and Obsidian reflecting their outlook and moral perspective.

Currently, there are estimated to be approximately 100 of these metahumans active.

The most notable divergence is the existence of Century City and The Singularity.

[Designate: Century City]
[Designate: The Singularity]

World History

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